9 February 2024

Prayer has always been an important part of our life, but this year it became just a little bit more so thanks to our motto. Brothers and sisters from Ghana, Germany, and the Netherlands used this year’s annual motto “Prayer works!” as an opportunity to put on a short play and to gather with other denominations and pray outside our church walls.

Prayer works in divine service

The children of the Accra East and West districts in Ghana came up with something special for the New Year service: they welcomed the Apostles Benjamin Ohene-Saffo and Addo Charles Asare as well as the ministers of the two districts by presenting a short play on the annual motto. The members from the congregations of the two districts gathered in the Accra Central church on 7 January 2024 to celebrate the divine service together. Here, as in many congregations around the world, the sermon focused on the Bible passage: “Pray without ceasing!” (Thessalonians 5: 17). “For most of us, prayer is part of our salvation,” said the Apostle. “We need to talk to our Lord in heaven without ceasing. In order to reap the benefits and results from praying, we need to know how, when, and where to pray.” He reminded the large congregation that Jesus always intercedes on our behalf.

Prayer works together

Members of different denominations gathered to pray for Christian unity on Friday evening, 19 January 2024 in the New Apostolic Church in Harburg, Germany. Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the New Apostolic Church met with the managing director of the Council of Christian Churches Bavaria (ACK), along with many believers. During the devotional, the managing director of the Council of Christian Churches emphasised the importance of ecumenism. Diversity is enriching, not only between Christian denominations, but also between individuals. There were songs of thanksgiving and blessings. Donations were collected for Christians in Burkina Faso. After a final prayer, everyone stayed to enjoy some food and conversation.

Prayer works at the interdenominational level

Christians of different denominations came together in Emmeloord and Apeldoorn in the Netherlands to pray together. As part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Christians from Emmeloord were invited to the Nieuw Jeruzalem Church. About thirty people had come and were led through the evening by the pastor of the Protestant Church and a Priest from the New Apostolic Church. The theme was: we open our hearts to those we do not see. Afterwards there was still time for conversations while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. On Saturday evening, 20 January 2024, there was an ecumenical celebration in the Lutheran Church in Apeldoorn. The music was provided by members of the New Apostolic Church. After the interdenominational prayer, people stayed to talk about the event.