Closing hymn by choir and farewell
17 August 2023

Lead Apostle Hans-Jurgen Bauer, conducted a divine service at Kissy Congregation, Eastern part of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Apostles of Sierra Leone (Braima Saffa, Thaimu Kargbo, Abu Tamba Bangura and Freeman Bob Saidu), accompanied the Lead Apostle to Kissy. They were  warmly received by Sunday school children.

Thoughts of the sermon
John 14:6 Jesus answered.‘‘ I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me...‘

There is fellowship in the special task to lead the countries with Apostles, Ministers, brothers and sisters. Saying ‘‘Godly family is like the natural family‘‘

When we experience sadness sometimes; we should remain with God and Jesus to protect and renew our strength -  nothing is impossible with Jesus - He is the way, truth and life. He will come to take us to heaven; bringing His sacrifice, rising again is sign of victory.

Let our heart not be troubled; we believe to have salvation via rebirth of water and spirit - only by faith we realise this.

Jesus expects us to follow him, receive God‘s word to get the absolute truth. If different from truth, then we learn from God and change.

Apostle Saidu Bob Freeman - there are many routes going to destinations, we have to decide the way to follow. Jesus leads the church with help of the Holy Spirit.

Retirement, Appointment and Assignment
The Lead Apostle instructs about the authority of the Priestly Ministry. To help Apostles build up a good team. We rely on the love of God, the virtues of humbleness, patience, endurance, care for the congregations - the youths, children and overall bringing the gospel to the members.

There were two retirees, 13 appointments and 18 assignments from the working areas of Apostles Braima Saffa and Freeman Bob Saidu.

Over 500 participated in this service - the way to salvation.