26 July 2023

In an effort for young church Ministers to take responsibility in manning the New Apostolic church districts, the Apostles came to Koidu for the acts.

On Saturday the 15th July 2023, the Lead Apostle Hans-Jurgen Bauer conducted a divine service in Koidu Central Church, Kono District, Eastern Sierra 10am.

He was welcome by Apostles of Sierra Leone and Guinea at the entrance of the church; followed by the Sunday school children and some choristers.

From Sierra Leone were Apostles Braima Saffa, Thaimu Kargbo (the host), Tamba Abu Bangura and Freeman Bob Saidu. The three Apostles of Guinea were Saa Marc Leno, Tamba Wolle Millimono and Jacques Conde.

Text word used for the service was out of Matthew 28:20 - teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.

Called to assist at the alter were Apostles Millimono and Jacques Conde of Guinea, who preached in French and were interpreted in English by Apostle Saffa.

Three District Rectors and one Delegate District Rector were retired, four appointed and three assigned for different New Apostolic church districts of the working area of Apostle Kargbo.

To grace the occassion and the acts, there were over 1,374 members in attendance,to the glory of God.