Lead Apostle Bauer appreciating the performance of choir and children recitation of the articles of faith
16 July 2023

A choir performance in New Apostolic Church central congregation of Kainkordu Road, Koidu town, Kono district, Eastern Sierra Leone.

The Leading Apostle Hans-Jürgen Bauer travelled in the rains on the 14th July 2023, with Apostles from Guinea – Saa Marc Leno, Tamba Wolle Millimono, Conde Jarques and Apostles of Sierra Leone – Braima Saffa, Thaimu Kargbo, Freeman Bob Saidu and Abu Tamba Bangura. They were welcome with a choir concert, coupled with recitation of articles of faith by the children at 5 pm same day.

The program comprises: Organ recital, opening prayer by Apostle Bauer, male choir/ Solo performance by Brother Isaac Lappia, mixed choir/brass performance; recitation of the articles of faith, closing prayer by Apostle Thaimu Kargbo (Host Apostle), Melvin Moigua did the vote of thanks and the closing anthem was, “I want to be like Jesus…”.

The Leading Apostle thanked and appreciated the organizers and participants and expressed God’s blessing to accompany their work of salvation.

This musical display by the choir and recitation of the articles of faith was not only a joyful moment but a period of high inspiration/exhortation of faithful melodies and text.