Apostle Saffa presenting the new Apostle Bangura to members
27 October 2022

Apostle Brima Saffa conducted a divine service on the 25th September 2022 at the central church of Makeni, North of Sierra Leone. It was to present the newly ordained Apostle Abu Tamba Bangura assigned to the area.

Apostle Saffa read Luke 11:2: So He said to them, "When you pray, say: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray to God with a unique prayer - “The Lord’s prayer”. It refers to God as “our father in heaven”. Jesus has the knowledge and wisdom to teach His followers about the kingdom of His father. The Lord’s Prayer contains all the needs of humanity on earth; to express with the love of God and the brethren. Members are to focus on the salvation goal – Thy Kingdom come, for us.

Newly ordained Apostle Bangura reminds the members that the text word is like a national anthem in the ministry of Christ. Respecting Jesus sacrifice to save the world and to reject sin for the kingdom of God. The word of God should be transforming force through the Holy Spirit; love to be a common language and kindness of citizens of God’s kingdom - prerequisite of the sacraments.

Evangelist Tarawalie Joseph, whilst assisting, remembers John the Baptist, baptizing and asking the people to repent their sins, preparing the way for the Lord Jesus Christ, the baptizer of the power of the holy Ghost, to set the captive free and bring deliverance to the oppress, to open the eyes of the blind and liberty to humanity. 

Apostle Saffa thereby encourages the new Apostle Bangura to take good care and prepare members in his working area for the return of the Lord. The ministers and members to work with the new Apostle in love and unity; effort to develop the work of God in the vineyard. We should not allow anything to divide our faith in Christ, irrespective of tribal/regional divergence.

Presenting of New Apostle
The Chairman of ceremony, Shepherd Albert Gbanka Kamara (Congregation Rector) went through the program sequentially: Introducing dignitaries, awarding certificates to retired ministers; reading of the biography of retired Apostle Sanpha Sesay - 42 years as Minister of which 32 as Apostle…; presentation of  Apostle Bangura by Apostle Saffa; handing over the mantle of leadership to the new Apostle by Rtd: Apostle Sesay, statement from friends of Apostle Bangura, presentation of gifts to the retired Apostle and the new Apostle, contributions from choir and brass band from Freetown and then refreshment.