Testing the water
2 April 2022

Commissioning of improved water well for the congregation of Bumbuna and its community. Bumbuna town is famous because the Bumbuna Hydroelectric Project BHP produces about 50 % of the Sierra Leone’s total electricity.

On the 6th March, 2022 Apostle Sanpha Sesay commissioned newly constructed water well at Bumbumna. This event took place at the New Apostolic Church Avenue in Bumbumna community, after the divine service for the departed.

Apostle Sesay thanked the donors for their earnest and enormous support to the congregation and Sierra Leone. He thanked also the contractors and people that put their efforts together for the successful completion of the well.

In deep expression of his joyful heart, he quoted the inscription on the hand pump: With great love for the people of Sierra Leone, donated by Karsten & Anke Kuhnle and their children; Lilly, Paul, Caspar, Konstatin, Charlotte, Ferdinad and Frieda.

The Apostle continued that water is life which brings happiness and relief to any one that is thirsty.

He therefore commissioned the well for the use of the community and cautioned them to maintain it. This was followed by a test of the water from the well by the Apostle and other members of the congregation, climaxing the event.