Central church - confirmands
11 December 2015

Confirmation of our young brothers and sisters of the church at 14 years is a point of transformation from child to youth / young adult. This is delicate / challenging age where the children have to take spiritual responsibility originally assumed by parents. The responsibility to denounce Satan at this adolescent age is a big challenge looking at the worldly influences. They look forward to their youth and adulthood; which means lot of spiritual guidance and counseling. It has always been a festive day for the congregation at large but the confirmands and their parents in particular. They are nicely dressed to fellowship with the church members in the breaking of bread, in prayer… This was the case in some congregations (in pictures), like Central church – Freetown, Goderich – Freetown, Wellington – Freetown, New London – Bo town, Manjama – Bo town, Yamandu – Bo district and Sembehun Kokofele – Bo district respectively.
In Goderich Congregation in Freetown, Sierra Leone, the confirmation teacher Mrs. Jeannette Finda Sannoh had prepared the children well for the festive occasion; that after the confirmation service, the ten children could recite the ten commandments respectively and also teach the congregation of the virtues of Jesus such as the virtue of faith, love, joy, patience, gentleness etc. It was so amazing and educative for the congregants. These children stressed for all to put into practice these virtues for our common goal in gathering, caring and preparing souls for the day of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.