Bishop Sesay observing the seminar as Del. Khanda facilitates
15 August 2016

The seminar took place in Goderich church in Freetown, where church ministers of West Area Central district were invited to partake. It was schedule from 13th to the 14th August 2016, from 9:00 to 16:00 daily. The tutors were District Elder Khanda and Priest Sannoh.
The topics of the minister 1 seminar are:
Definition and basic principles of a ministry, how one receives a ministry – ordination, connection to one’s bearer of blessing, outward appearance – clothing and mannerism, obligation of confidentiality – legal advice, end of ministerial activity – leave of absence, retirement,resignation, importance of divine service, proclaiming the word – sermon – and outward order of church premises etc. The participants were very joyful and express satisfaction about the concept of the seminar.
Bishop Yemeh Sesay came briefly to observe the seminar and he addressed the participants to take the seminar seriously, grasp the impacted knowledge in an effort to implement them in their ministerial activities / life.
It was a very nice spiritual and educational fellowship.