Newly built church of Pujehun – outside view
22 August 2016

Pujehun is the district head quarter town of Pujehun district, that is, one of the twelve districts of Sierra Leone. The New Apostolic Church congregation had struggled to exist in this Muslim dominated town but we give God the glory that one faithful Priest of the Church was transferred there by his office to work.
He has invested his time, effort and money, relative to mobilizing the few members of the small congregation to build a small nice church. This church was finally inaugurated by Apostle Garber and Bishop Sesay recently.
The Priest, being a choir master tutor himself, invited choirmaster tutors and choristers from Bo and Freetown to grace the dedication ceremony.
Everybody has appreciated this venture and it is a very nice thought of brothers and sisters, to always help along in the work of the church according to one’s personal ability to the glory of God for His abundant blessing.