Youth making skit
20 September 2016

This includes the Kenema central church, Tissor, Burma, Kissy town, Nyandeyama, Kpetema, Forniko and Panderu respectively.
There were two sets of programs, that is the indoor and outdoor:
The indoor program took place at the Kenema District Youth Hall.
 In addressing the youths Apostle Kargbo used a text word out of 1 John 3:22
“And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight”
With the clear notion of Jesus serving as an atonement for our sin, we are more than conquerors and victors; believing in the grace of Jesus Christ, the love of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Topics on the integral doctrine of the New Apostolic Church were discussed with the youths. There were musical performances of both local songs and of the hymnal.
To activate success with Christ, some skits were performed by the children and the youths. The youth performed a drama on the Prodigal Son and the children presented a play on the Unforgiving/uncompromising pastor. This brought lot of funs which revealed the value of coming together joyfully in the Lord.
The outdoor activities were climaxed by games and sports; drama, music and dance.
Central feeding was provided in this fellowship of youths. It is always joyful when youths come together as they sing songs of confidence like -
“the more we are together, together, together, the more we are together the happier we shall be; my friend is your friend and your friend is my friend, the more we are together the happier we shall be”; Are you ready when the Lord shall… etc.