Apostle Bauer opening the seminar session
13 December 2016

Senior tutors of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia with the Apostles (including leading Apostle Bauer) and Bishops were invited to Freetown, NAC seminar hall.
It started on Monday 28th and ended on the 29th December 2016. The seminar conductor, DEL Oehler, assisted by Michael Dinkelacker introduced new seminar brochures on Basic 2 and Minister 2 seminar respectively. Each participant had prepared a lesson to present from the booklets, which was observed, commented and appreciated by participants.
Notwithstanding, teaching didactics and techniques for conflicts resolution were discussed and highlighted with clear bullet points.
The Sunday before the seminar Del. Oehler participated in a Sunday School and Confirmation lessons in Goderich Congregation, Freetown, while DEV Dinkelacker was in Freetown Central Church. In the evening there was a fellowship and brass players from Goderich Church performed for the joy of all invitees for the seminar.
It was a wonderful, educative and fraternal meeting and interaction for the development of the NAC Church in this part of the world.