Attentive youth during the youth service
11 February 2017

Young brothers and sisters are the seedbed (legacy) of the servants of God. For them to be fit for the task, they need care – soul care…

Five congregations around Makeni (Head quarter town of Northern province of Sierra Leone), took part in a youth service in Masuba Congregation recently. The sermon was out of Ecclesiastics 12:1: "Remember now your creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come, and the year draw near when you say “I have no pleasure in them”
This was a call to serve the lord when young. Apostle Sanpha Sesay kindly asked the youths to use their talents to serve God and to be useful in the community. “It should be noted that the old people and children rely on the support of the youth”; that they should be serious about their responsibilities.

Critical Time

The servants of God tried to let the youths beware of their challenging age from being a child to becoming adult. The church provides the support for youth service and meeting. This would help them to successfully go over the youthful age. It is important to make it possible to always be part of the youth programs. About 250 youths attended.
Such a warm fellowship when youth come together from different areas!