Presentation by Priest Nyandemoh in Daru
14 July 2017

The Jorg Wolf Foundation through the New Apostolic Church Mission Aid assists persons with disabilities in Eastern Sierra Leone.

Uncertainties of life bring untold suffering to the vulnerable people in the world. Eastern Sierra Leone, where the civil / rebel started left plenty people deformed. It is in the form of amputees, orphans, war-wounded on one hand and on the other blind schools, the aged, underprivileged children / child-single mothers etc.

Food and non food items distribution brought joy, relief, hope and love to some disabled communities in the working area of Aposlte Thaimu Kargbo: Daru, Beudu, Kono School for the blind and Kombayendeh benefited. A signal to those who have, to help those who do not have in response to humanity call.