Priest Sannoh addressing the audience
6 August 2017

Three orphanages in Waterloo (rural district of Freetown), receive help from JW Foundation / New Apostolic Church - NAC.

Children Redemption, Savior of the World and Net Work for Children in Need orphanages recently received food / non-food gift. It took place in the Red Cross Office in Waterloo (outskirt of Freetown), where the children gathered. This formed part of the 2017 donation for the hungry and needy nation-wide in Sierra Leone.

Whilst addressing the children and their care givers / the press, Priest Abdulai Kenawah Sannoh (the help Coordinator), said that whilst the church has a mission to care for souls and prepare them for the return of Jesus Christ, it was also expedient for the church to help the less  privilege people – persons with disabilities, orphans, blind, amputees etc. He informed them how retired District Elder Jorg Wolff / JW foundation help the vulnerable people in the West Africa sub-region. District Elder Edward Kai Khanda of Freetown Central indicated  the salvation mission of Jesus Christ and told the children that Jesus cared much for children – quoting Mark 10:13-16…“Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God…”

School Materials

About 50 less privilege school children also received school materials – exercise books, pens, pencils, mathematical set etc. It happened on the 4th August, 2017 at 10:00 am, in the seminar hall of the NAC office, 67 Wilkinson Road. Councilor Mairatu Kamara of Ward 391 of West of Freetown, where the the office is Located, made the request. The less fortunate children were provided the school materials, particularly when schools would reopen soon. It was a joyful moment!