Mount Sugar Loaf
24 August 2017

Mudslide and Flooding in Freetown, killing and devastating thousands of people.

One would not ascertain how it happened, only the almighty God.
People woke up around 4 on Monday morning to experience a tragic Mudslide of Mount Sugar Loaf, which was associated with terrible rainfall and flooding.

The mud, stones, and trees from the mountain covered hundreds of houses (solid storey buildings, zinc houses, makeshift of all sort). It formed a big flooded river which carried along big trees, stones, elements of debris with force. Thousands of people have died (news papers reporting), thousands are not yet seen. Those who survived not only lost their loved ones but homes, properties etc – thousands of them are being registered for catering.

People glorify God for his mercy, goodness and love even in time of tribulation.

It is wonderful how people were prevented / rescued / saved from the mudslide and flooding (twin disaster).
- Some people in these communities had moved / traveled the previous day or night before the disaster. They only came that morning to see their houses and family submerged by mud or flooded;
- An incident of a lady who had brought her two small children on dry land and while she returned to take their food, was trapped by the flood. The children were later rescued…
This calamity has been very emotional, traumatic and spiritual. Whilst everybody mourns, they also thank God and lament how He saved survivors.
We glorify God for our lives because even when we die, we resurrect with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. John 11:25