Welcoming in Mowagor school
19 December 2017

Two schools were visited by New Apostolic Church Apostle and his entourage.

New Apostolic Primary School, Mowagor - Mattru Jong in the Bonthe district was visited by Apostle Albert Garber, Bishop Yemeh Sesay, District Elder Wolfgang Oehler and Priest Abdulai Kenawah Sannoh. This was on the 5th December 2017.
There was dancing and matching of parents and pupils upon arrival of the visiting team. An inauguration of the school was done, which construction was sponsored by Jorg Wolff Foundation (JWFoudation) via the New Apostolic Church, Sierra Leone. Three best pupils of the school received a year scholarship from the Foundation. Elder Oehler, an adviser to the JW Foundation delivered the scholarships. Cultural dances, recitation of poems/rhymes amongst others were performed by the pupils to the joy of all.

The Junior Secondary School of Mokorewa.

This is one of the New Apostolic Church schools in Sierra Leone. They cheerfully welcomed the visiting team with dancing, drumming coupled with other local instruments display – kellay, sasa etc. Three best students also received one year scholarship.
There was a quiz competition amongst others and questions were selected from the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church in questions and answers. It was amazing to the Apostle and his entourage, when the school children answered questions posed direction from our catechism.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the communities invited, encouraged the children to learn to become good citizens in future, as the saying goes: “Education is the key to success”! It was a blessed and cheerful moments to the glory of God.