Seminar participants pose
31 March 2018

Manning the church/congregation lies in the hands of the congregational and the district rectors in the New Apostolic Church.

A train the trainer’s seminar was conducted in Kenema, working area of Apostle Thaimu Kargbo on the 24th March, 2018. This was meant to look at the requisite qualities of a rector, responsibilities, how to find qualified church ministers and the like.

A Congregational Rector is in charge of a church and a District Rector oversees many churches within an area (ranging from four to ten…). Like the good shepherd, they are to keep, care and lead the brothers and sisters in their commission by the living Apostles.

In group presentations, in the form of role plays, participants demonstrated how rectors and administration brothers (church ministers) should act as clergymen instead of business men; a servant, not a boss. A clear reference to the Palm Sunday event where Jesus cleaned the temple – Luke 19:45 “And then he went into the temple and began to drive out those who bought and sold in it”.

The clergy of the church should help clean the temple of our hearts for Jesus to inherit it in His imminent return.