Youths with Apostle Sesay before Mabanta church
18 July 2018

Bombali District youths in Mabanta

In the working area of Apostle Sanpha Sesay, North of Sierra Leone, Bombali district, Makari Gbanti Chiefdom; the youths of Makeni, Masuba, Congo-Town, Makeni West, Masimra and Mabanta congregations took part in a youth conference.
It was on Saturday, the 30th June, 2018 at 10:00 AM in Mabanta church.

Topics prepared for the conference were: Conflict resolution, New Apostolic Church doctrine, Modern Technology impact, Responsibilities of youths to God and neighbor.

Some youths presented the topics and questions from the audience were answered with references to the bible, our New Apostolic Church Catechism / Questions and Answers.

All participants gained from this lectures.