Senior Tutors applauding a role play actors
9 December 2019

Senior tutors seminar was conducted in Freetown to blessedly serve the church and the children in particular.

The seminar took place from the 28th to 29th November 2019. Retired District Elder (Rtd. Del.), Wolfgang Oehler (supervising seminars in West Africa), Apostle (Ap.) Braima Saffa (National Head of Seminar – NHS - in Sierra Leone) and Ap. Saa Marc Leno (NHS of Guinea) facilitated the seminar.

Over 20 tutors were given topics beforehand from Basic two seminar, concerning blessed serving in the church. To let leaders in the church, whether ordained, appointed or assigned have the pre-requisite leadership requirements or strategies, especially in resolving conflicts. Lot of role plays were performed; amongst other topics, but conflict resolution took the lead. Emphasis was made on how to always negotiate with those we are in conflict with, instead of quickly involving the third party or confrontation. Topics on the church doctrine (Basic one seminar) and Sunday school were also presented. Emphasis was made on effective Sunday school and confirmation lessons; to be done in all our churches and record them in the church report book.

In his busy schedule, Rtd. Del. Oehler had also a seminar with organ trainers / trainees on how to improve choir work in the church. It was on Saturday 30th November.

The lessons presented were very interactive, educative, full of role plays/funs and blessing.