The opening hymn for the divine service was God is in our presence
20 May 2020

The world continues to suffer the hard impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; churches remain closed in many countries. We cannot fellowship with one another,  yet God's love, through His Word, is abundant for His children as online divine services continue to be conducted every Sunday around the world.

On Sunday May 17, 2020, Apostle Jürgen Loy, leader of the Stuttgart Apostle Area, conducted the 9th online divine service since the pandemic. He was supported by Bishop Bernd Bornhäusser and viewed by over 2,000 brethren. The bible text for the service was Numbers 11:29b, “Oh, that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put His Spirit upon them!”.

“My beloved brothers and sisters, my beloved congregation assembled from far and near, we are connected in the invitation of our Lord”, with these words the Apostle begun the service.

The Apostle encouraged the virtual congregation to receive the kingdom of God with hearts like those of children, with confidence and courage. “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God in the manner aforementioned, may not enter into the kingdom of God”, he said in his introductory remarks.

Espousing on the text word, the Apostle said that “We are all prophets because we have the spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) and proclaim things of the future”.  He mentioned that during the time of Moses, the Holy Spirit was working through people as described in Numbers 11:29.  The Holy Spirit came upon seventy (70) elders of Israel that Moses chose.  Their task was to help Moses proclaim the Word of God to the people of Israel, which they joyfully did.  

Similarly, Jesus Christ commissioned the Apostles to proclaim the word. “We also have the same task today; prophets foretell things of the future, so we all have to be prophets once we have received the Holy Spirit.  The full characteristics of the Christ must be ignited in us; the spirit to serve all the time in humility and fellowship.”

He noted that as we prepare ourselves for the remembrance of Pentecost Day in the coming weeks, we are reminded of the benefits of receiving the Holy Spirit, such as giving us grace which greatly influences our lives; and awakening the gifts given to us by God. “These enable us to proclaim the word of God as prophets.”

The Apostle concluded: “A prophet always speaks about the future. All of us must be foretellers of future things. We must proclaim, ‘Come, come soon our Lord Jesus!’ This is the prophecy, and this must be our common proclamation encouraged by the gift of the Holy Spirit.”