Apostle Saffa Braima in Central Church, Freetown
25 July 2020

Brothers and Sisters of New Apostolic Church Sierra Leone hold Divine service after four months lock down.

Sierra Leone government stopped people to attend churches and mosques since mid-March 2020 relative to the pandemic and lifted the lock down mid-July.

Some members have followed on line divine service via you tube links from South Germany, Ghana and lastly Nigeria during this period. They have used phones, computers, televisions etc, to participate in Divine services.

It has now been a big joy / blessing for Christians to worship in churches again. This is done only if the covid-19 pandemic measures outlined by Inter Religious Council IRC and government are observed. Main ones are: social physical distance, washing of hands, wearing of face masks, temperature checking at the entrance and so on.

In this regard, congregations conducted divine services by sections last Sunday, 19th July 2020. Two or three services are conducted by congregations according to the number of congregants and the size of the facility.

Prior to the resumption, the Apostles through the District Rectors distributed veronica buckets, soap and sanitizers for cleaning / washing of hands. The challenge for most congregations is unavailability of thermometers for temperature checking at the moment.

The pandemic lock down has had tremendous impact on the lives of members and church activities. This would be reported in the following editions. It has really been a thank you to God for the lifting of the church lock down, besides the restrictions attached.