26 September 2020

Basic 1 seminar has been conducted in church seminar centers throughout the country besides the restrictions of covid 19

Seminar is the source for spiritual education in the church. This is done to train church ministers and leaders to perform their tasks for the social / spiritual development of the church. It came to hold because of the covid 19 pandemic

Impact on church activities

Church activities have been hindered by the outbreak of corona. It became feasible in Sierra Leone mid-march 2020 when government imposed restrictions ranging from three days lock-down, no public gathering, no inter-district movement, social/physical distancing  to be maintained and the like.

Some ministers could only do restricted soul care visits, choir masters / instrumentalists sing or play a church melody and share on what-Sapp or messenger, members taking part in online divine services from Germany, Ghana and later Nigeria make summary audio  messages or write-up and share on numerous church what-Sapp groups etc.  Global social-economic degradation affecting the fabric of world society has been the order of the day and Sierra Leone was not an exception.

Mid-July brought a relief when some of the restrictions especially on  movement and public gathering was lifted, whilst putting of mask up and social/physical distancing, washing of hands are enforced...

Basic Knowledge  of New Apostolic Church

The basic 1 seminar has been conducted in most seminar centers. This concerns church ministers and leaders: Choir masters, Sunday school teachers, confirmation lesson teachers, youth leaders etc. Senior/local seminar tutors taught interactively topics on: What is the New Apostolic Church?; belief of a New Apostolic Church Christian, Christianity and the time after the Apostles, history of the Church, meaning of the emblem, prayer life, sacrifices, order of divine service and the three sacraments of holy baptism, holy communion and holy sealing.

It has been essential for church leaders to meet, learn and discuss the above topics of the doctrine knowledge of the church; in an effort to equip them witness about Jesus Christ and the activities of the holy spirit via the Apostle Ministry today. This is also to bring harmony in the activities of the church globally – a foundation to build on in the subsequent basic 2 and 3 seminars respectively.