Photo of seminar participants
22 December 2020

Senior Seminar Tutors Training in Freetown

The seminar participants were to use the new version of the seminar booklets / worksheets for Minister 2, Youth Care and Rectors to teach topics in the brochures. It was expedient to prepare and teach Church Ministers, Congregational Rectors and Youth Leaders in 2021.

It happened from the 24th to the 26th November 2020, at the seminar hall, 67 Wilkinson Road, Freetown, each day from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Apostle Braima Saffa, National Head of Seminar of Sierra Leone and Apostle Marc Leno, National Head of Seminar of Guinea facilitated the seminar. Present also were Apostles of Sierra Leone – Sanpha Sesay, Albert Garber, Thaimu Kargbo and Bishop Raymond Essequi; and Apostle Alexander Wreh of Liberia.

Three participants from the four Apostle working areas could teach topics from the seminar booklets to be appreciated by others and give feedback of areas to improve on in future teaching or presentation.

It was so exciting and educative because role plays were performed in an effort to facilitate teaching and learning. The ultimate goal is to use the concepts for efficient church work, respecting its doctrine – to achieve 2021 seminar plan.