Traditional wedding and engagement
24 December 2020

Apostle Alexander Wreh of Liberia Weds Rebecca Gborie of Sierra Leone

The engagement blessing was done at Goderich village (Obba Funkia), Freetown - family home of Rebecca -, by Apostle Thaimu Kargbo on the 26th November 2020 around 4 pm. The wedding took place on the 28th November 2020, Freetown Central, 24 Wellington Street by Apostle Braima Saffa and the reception was at the King’s Palace hall, at Wellington street.

The congregations of Freetown fully participated because Rebecca has been a brilliant choir Mistress / conductor. This is coupled with the fact that an Apostle was wedding their sister, which was appreciated as a divine blessing.

Some church Ministers and family members accompanied Apostle Wreh from Liberia to grace the occasion. All the Apostles in Sierra Leone were present, that is, Apostle Braima Saffa, Sanpha Sesay, Albert Garber, Thaimu Kargbo and Bishop Raymond Essequi.

The choir performance was very exciting as was accompanied by the brass players etc, which rendered a joyful moment for the Liberians and Sierra Leoneans, present in both the wedding service and the reception. There has been a sound impression of such a nice relationship between the Wreh family of Liberia and Gborie family of Sierra Leone; let alone the two countries friendliness.