Captain Ja Coker receiving the items from Shepherd Cole
12 January 2021

Thirty-four Military-Hospital and National Rehabilitation Center - NRC Applaud New Apostolic Church for donation of hospital and orthopedic materials

The New Apostolic Church delegation was led by Shepherd Samuel Adae Cole, the outgoing Regional Supervisor for West Africa 1 (Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia), Regional Office, 67 Wilkinson Road, Freetown. In his entourage were Brother Abu-Bakr Mansaray - the Accountant, Priest Joseph Ngegbai - Building Clerk, Sister Victoria Hamilton – Data Clerk and Priest Abdulai Kenawah Sannoh – Church Website / Community Magazine Editor. It was on the 8th January, 2021 at around 11 am.

The 34 Military Hospital is located at Wilberforce barrack, Freetown. The Admin officers were joyful to receive 324 head covers and one packet tonic-cade. Shepherd Cole told them that the donation was specifically coming from one of the church Ministers in South Germany, Retired Evangelist Wilhelm Grozing via the New Apostolic Church, Sierra Leone.

Whilst receiving the items, Captain Ja Coker sincerely thanked the donors and church on behalf of the Joint Medical Unit for making such a surprise gift to the hospital. He mentioned that the head covers will be used to protect health workers whilst the tonic-cade would be used to stop bleeding and promised to use them judiciously.

The team proceeded to the National Rehabilitation Centre NRC to donate orthopedic materials. Items donated were: 15 packets knee braces, 10 packets elastic bandages, one packet figure of 8, 25 packets medicine tray blue, 13 packets cellar care, 15 packets moles last haft blue,19 packet Toni-cade and 9 packets moles last haft – white.

Thanking the church delegation and Retired Evangelist Grozing, the Manager of the Physiotherapy department, Emile Amara extended their thanks and appreciation for the items and that they were timely and advantageous for the Centre.

The Centre would make false feet for amputees / people who are physically challenged and children with clubfoot etc.

Both the Thirty-four Military hospital and Nation Rehabilitation institutions highly applauded the donors for a job well done.