Welcoming of Apostle Kargbo and Ministers
25 January 2021

A church of about 200 sitting capacity was dedicated to the glory of God in Konjoh village, Kpombali Section, Luawa Chiefdom, Kailahun District, far East of Sierra Leone.

The dedication took place on Friday, the 11th December, 2020 at around 11 am. All was prepared for the awaited day for the members of Konjoh village to start worshipping in their new church building. About 350 attended the service.

Konjoh is about 20 kilometers from Kailahun town going towards the Liberia boarder. This congregation started in 1988 and the first 16 souls were baptized and sealed by Retired Apostle Werner Khunle during his visit to Nyandehun Mambabu, a boarder Luma (marketing) town before reaching Konjoh. According to the first Choir Master of this congregation, (now Priest Abdulai K. Sannoh); the congregation developed gradually but all was interrupted by the civil war because this was one the first villages which suffered from the over a decade cruel civil / rebel war. The congregation was revived after the war in 2004 with the Rector / Priest Ambrose Bockarie Sandy, who is also the Head Master of the village primary school.

After a cheerful welcome of Apostle Kargbo and other church ministers; the Apostle thanked the congregation, the children for preparing all nicely and invited everyone to go in for the divine service.

The Message
The text word was out of Hebrew 3:3-4 ‘… inasmuch as he who built the house has more honor than the house. For every house is built by someone, but he who built all things is God’

Apostle Kargbo appreciated the village authorities, church members etc., for accepting to build such a fine church; worked along and provided some local materials especially at the start of the structure.

For him, the purpose of dedicating the church was to be a source of salvation of God’s plan. The church is where all would come and fellowship with God, receive the sacraments and repent for the forgiveness of sins. A place where the faithful pray for all to get strength and power to overcome evil; in reference to the Apostle’s doctrine - Acts 2:42, a fellowship to build up the bridal congregation for the return of the Lord.