Seminar participants
1 March 2021

Local Tutors Seminar Amidst Covid-19.
The long awaited local Tutors Seminar was held on the 19th – 20th February, 2021. It was postponed from 29th – 30th January because of two weeks restrictions particularly not coming to / from Freetown, Western Area. The seminar took place at the head Quarter of New Apostolic Church Regional Office, 67 Wilkinson Road, Freetown. The 28 participants of the Seminar were from the working areas of Apostles: Sanpha Sesay, Albert Garber, Thaimu Kargbo and Brima Saffa respectively.

Introductory Considerations
The opening courtesies for day one and two were amazing, blessed and highly educative because the National Head of Seminar, Apostle Saffa linked Rtd. District Elder (Del) Wolfgang Oehler and Lead Apostle Hans-Jurgen Bauer from Southern Germany (virtual meeting), to address participants. The most important message in their address was that “Your relationship with Jesus Christ, depends on where you place Him”, and was demonstrated using some simple mathematical calculation (the place value) formula for better understanding (Jesus is in the first place and our future).  The Local Seminar Tutors were also reminded to emulate the good examples of Jesus Christ and their blessing bearers in their new assignment.

Moreover, Apostle Brima Saffa, told Tutors that the task which was entrusted to them required a complete sacrifice.  However, he used the Bible Text from Revelation 22:12 “Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give to each man according to his work shall be” as words of encouragement."

Teaching / Presentation
The training was highly interactive and participatory. The National Head of Seminar and his assistant, Priest Abdulai Kenawah Sannoh, designed the training agenda in such a way that topics were assigned to each Tutor and the Training Manuals, that is - Minister Two (Tasks of Priestly Ministers), Rector (Keep, Care & Lead), Youth Care (Awakening Enthusiasm In Faith) and the worksheets were made available ahead of time for better preparation and presentation.  The most interesting aspect of the entire seminar was the role plays, especially for role plays where a male was required to act like a female. In deed it was significant to learn how to use the Ministers Guide (MG) and the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church Questions and Answers (CNAC Q6A) as reference for improved understanding of the liturgy and doctrine.