Organist Brother Richard Tamba Mani with choir
21 October 2021

With the desire to perform well, choir practices have been held in Kissy congregation, East and in Central church, West of Freetown. This is for the festive divine service to be conducted by District Apostle Micheal Ehrich, on the 31st October 2021 in Freetown Central Church at 9:30 am.

Over 100 choristers practiced hymns at the Kissy congregation on the 16th October 2021. Choristers from various congregations namely: Kissy, Wellington, Allen Town, Jui etc, of East Kissy district practiced selected hymns for the service.

Saturday, 23rd October, 2021 was the turn of the West Central district congregations. Choristers of Freetown Central church, Goderich, Lumley, Marjay Town etc, participated in the joyful choir practice at 3:00 p. m.

About 70 choristers were divided into four groups of soprano, alto, tenor and bass and occupied the various halls/rooms of the church. Suprano in the main hall with Choirmasters/tutors Priest Christopherson Samuel Nicol and Charlie Prince Leon King Jr, alto in the communication room with Brother Ernest Clement, tenor in the entrance hall with Deacon Gerald Massasorie Sesay and the base was in the Sunday school room with Deacon Omar Kamara and John Harold Kamara.

Hymns practiced amongst others were: There were ninety nine…, We gather together, Home sweet home and a Krio (national lingual franca) song “we yu wok f? G?d, l?sis n? go de” (We lose nothing when we work for God).

When the four voices were combined together, accompanied by the organ (organist – Richard Tamba Mani); it was remarkable and exciting. One would imagine how glorious the choir would perform during the festive divine service of the District Apostle next Sunday.